Community Information

Whether you're buying a home, selling your home or relocating to Riverside, it is important to consider many things when choosing the perfect home.  

1.  Location- As the old saying goes "location, location, location".  You can change the size of your home or even the look of your home, but you can never change the location.  This is why Location is number 1 on my list.

2.  Schools- Whether you have school aged children or may choose to have them in the future, school ratings are an important consideration when choosing a community.

3.  Crime Rates-  Let's face it, crime is everywhere, but if you research crime rates you can see where crime is more or less prevalent, and what types of crimes are often committed in the community.

4.  Tax rates-  It has been said only two things are certain, Death and Taxes.  It is important to research the tax rate including any Mello Roos for your community to see what you will actually be paying in your mortgage.  A typical mortgage includes PITI.  This is short for Principle, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance.  Getting these numbers will give you a better overall picture of the monthly payment you will be taking on.

5.  Community Amenities-  Whether the home is in an HOA (Home Owner's Association), PUD (Planned Unit Development), or a gated community should be a consideration in your home purchase as these things often dictate the use of your new home.

Once you have considered these 5 items, it is time to begin your home search.  One of my favorite parts of the real estate industry is helping families find the perfect home.  When you are ready, call me at 951 201-3427 to get the process started.  I want to be Your Realtor!